EODSA Winter League (WDL)

EODSA Winter Development League (WDL) for the Indoor  2019-2020 Season:

2019-2020 - WDL League Information

WHERE IS THE SCHEDULE FOR WEEK 4?  On Tuesday, November 19, Technical Leaders are meeting to review the games to date and make any adjustments necessary to the divisions, so that teams have appropriate competition.  Following that, schedules will be posted as soon as possible.


Here is the link to the EODSA Winter Development League (WDL) website for 2019-2020 Season: http://eodsaindoor.e2esoccer.com/default.aspx

Age Group playing times (may be adjusted by the league):

SATURDAYS Gloucester 1 Gloucester 2 Gloucester 3 Thunderbird 1 Thunderbird 2
8:00 BU12 BU12 BU12
9:00 BU12 BU12 BU12
10:00 BU12 shared shared
11:00 BU11 BU11 BU11
12:00 BU11 BU11 BU11 GU10
13:00 GU10 GU10 GU10 GU9
14:00 GU9 GU9 GU9 BU9
15:00 BU9 BU9 BU9 BU10
16:00 BU10 BU9 BU9 BU9 BU10
17:00 BU10 BU10 BU10 BU10
18:00 BU10 BU10 BU10