The ID Card process is currently closed as soccer activities in the province are limited. More information will be available when the process is open again. Thank you for your patience during this time.

As per Ottawa Public Health recommendations, the EODSA office is closed to the public until further notice. Further information regarding the processing of ID Cards will be sent out and posted when available.



Ontario Soccer has moved to a new player registration system for the Outdoor 2019 Season. With this new system, players will be issued a new Ontario Soccer Number. As a result, the EODSA will only be issuing ID Cards for players registered in the Indoor 2019-2020 or Outdoor 2020 Season with their new Ontario Soccer Number. Please hold off on requesting an ID Card until your Club has confirmed you have been registered in the new system for the Indoor, 2019-2020 or Outdoor 2020 Season. If you are not registered in the Indoor 2019-2020 or Outdoor 2020 season, your ID Card request will be rejected. Players can continue to use their old ID Card from previous season’s until it expires but the EODSA will not be issuing new ID Cards with old Ontario Soccer Numbers. 

Are you registered in Ontario Soccer's OSCAR database?

You must be registered in Ontario Soccer's OSACAR database for the current season in order to apply for an ID card. You will first have to register with your club, who will then go and register you with Ontario Soccer. Until your club has registered you with Ontario Soccer, you are not eligible to apply for an ID card. Any questions related to registration should be directed to your club as the EODSA is not involved in the registration of individual players.

Choosing a Photo


There are a number of photo errors that may cause your application to be rejected. To ensure your photo is able to be processed, make sure it meets the following requirements:

  • It is an actual photo and not a photo of a photo
  • The photo is not blurry or so small that it will become blurry when it is cropped to only include the head
  • Your eyes are open and visible, and you are looking at the camera
  • The photo is a clear head shot and is not taken from too far away
  • There is no glare or watermark on your face and it was taken in proper lighting conditions (not too light, not too dark)
  • It is a recent, up to date photo
  • The background is solid or not busy (there should not be any other people visible in the background)
  • You are alone in the photo
  • You are not wearing a hat or sunglasses
  • The image is centered and not taken on an angle
  • The photo is not taken on a black or dark background

Cropping your Photo

You will be prompted to upload a photo during the application process. On some devices, the photo will appear very zoomed in after you upload it and the cropping feature will not work. Please submit the application with the photo as it appears, even if it appears zoomed in. We will receive the full photo and crop it accordingly. Please do not try to resize your photo to make it fit in the box. 

Registration Number

There is a field to write your Ontario Soccer Registration Number. This field is not mandatory. If you do not know your registration number, leave this field blank. We will pull this information from Ontario Soccer's OSCAR database and fill it in ourselves. If you do fill in this field, you may receive the error message "The registration number 123456 already exists in the database", if you already have a card in our system. If this occurs, please submit the application, leaving the registration number field blank, and we will input the number on our end. 

Getting your ID Card

You will be prompted to select whether you would like to pick your card up at the EODSA office during our office hours, or if you would like the card mailed to you. Note: Any cards ordered on or after May 14, 2020 must be picked up at the EODSA office. The mail option will be disabled on this date as the beginning of the season is too close and we can't guarantee the card will arrive in time.

Mailed cards can take anywhere from 4-7 business days to arrive once printed. If you select the Pick Up option, the card will be available to be picked up our next open day. You will receive an email when the card is ready or if your application was rejected.  Please check your junk box as it may end up there.

Requested a Card and want to know if it's ready?  You will receive an email when it has been processed. Check your Junk Mail/Spam folder as it is an automated response so it may get stuck in there.  We generally get them done within 2 working days.  Please try not to call the EODSA office.  The more calls we take, the fewer cards we can process.

Did your ID card application get rejected?

There are a few common reasons that your ID card application may get rejected. If it does get rejected, you will receive an email letting you know. This email will include the reason it got rejected and a link for you to follow to resubmit the application. Please see below for common reasons an ID card application will get rejected and how you can fix the issue:

Reason for Rejection




Not registered in OSCAR database—Contact your club, not the District


Your club still needs to register you in Ontario Soccer’s OSCAR database. There are two steps to the registration process before your card can be approved:

                1. You have to fully register with your club

                2. Your club has to register you with Ontario Soccer in the OSCAR database

If you would like to know that status of your registration, you will have to contact your club as the District is not responsible for player registration. Resubmit your ID card application once your club has confirmed they have registered you in the OSCAR database.



Already Submitted


Ontario Soccer only allows each player to get ONE ID card. If you have already submitted an ID card application recently, any duplicate applications will be rejected.



Birthday does not match—Contact Club


Your birth date on your ID card application must match the birth date entered for you in the OSCAR database by your club. Double check that you have entered your correct birth date on your ID card application. Once you have confirmed that you entered the correct birth date, contact your club and ask them fix your birth date in the OSCAR database. Resubmit your application once your club has confirmed that they have fixed your birth date in OSCAR.



Last Name does not match in OSCAR registration


Your name on your ID card application and your name in Ontario Soccer’s OSCAR database must match. Double check that you entered your name correctly on your ID card application. Once you have confirmed that you entered your name correctly, contact your club and ask them to fix your name in the OSCAR database. Resubmit your application once your club has confirmed they have fixed your name in OSCAR.




Wrong Club


This error message means that you are registered in the OSCAR database, however, you are not registered with the club you put on your ID card application. The club you enter on your ID card application must match the club you are registered with in the OSCAR database to be issued an ID card. Ensure that you selected the correct club from the drop down menu at the beginning of your application.

If you play for more than one club, you can use ONE ID card across clubs, no matter which club you apply for the card under.