2019 Ontario Soccer Grassroots Survey
March 21, 2019

 2019 Grassroots Survey 

In 2014, Ontario Soccer conducted a Grassroots Survey with players from across the province. 

Over 1,000 players, ages 8 to 12, were surveyed in relation to their soccer experience within the game.  After five years, it is time to revisit and expand the survey for 2019.

The goal of the survey in 2019 is to obtain greater understanding of the state of grassroots programming and delivery across the province and to measure the progress made by the introduction of Long Term Player Development initiatives since 2013.

This includes game formats, player movement, travel and resources available to the membership.  Survey results will be assessed by the Player Development Team to support the implementation of initiatives identified in the Ontario Soccer’s Strategic Plan (2019-2021).

Ontario Soccer invites all Clubs, Academies and Districts to participate in providing us with input for consideration as we develop grassroots initiatives.

In order to conduct a more comprehensive examination, the survey will expand to include parents, coaches, technical leaders and administrators and will be conducted over two phases.

Organizations wishing to participate in the “2019 Grassroots Survey” or seeking more information are encouraged to contact Chris Loucks, Regional Manager, Player Development.

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