Process for ID Cards Outdoor 2019
April 8, 2019

Process for Ontario Soccer ID Card and ID# for Outdoor 2019 Season

As we make the transition to the new Ontario Soccer Club and Academy Registration System (OSCAR), each player will be issued a new Ontario Soccer (OS) ID number when registered in the new registration system (OSCAR). We realize that many Players and Team Officials still have active ID Cards with their Old OSA number on it and so we are NOT requiring all players to get a new ID Card.

Players and Team Officials will be permitted to continue using an existing valid ID Card for this season. Players with expired ID Cards will request a new ID Card as always and the new OS number will be on the new ID Card. The new OS number starts with the 4 letters SEOS. This will appear on the ID Card.

In order to make this work with the ID Card Mobile App, when players are entered on the League Website to be added to game sheets, enter the Ontario Soccer number that matches their valid ID Card they will be using for the season. If they have an existing ID Card, enter that number as their Ontario Soccer number. If they have an ID Card with their new number, enter the new Ontario Soccer number with SEOS included. The ID Card Mobile App needs the ID Card number that matches the valid ID Card to bring up the player’s information.

The game sheet will have New and Old Ontario Soccer numbers on it but they will all match the valid ID Card for the player. The Team Roster will include the new ID Numbers for all players.

We realize it will be a little bit of extra work to manage two sets of ID numbers on the Game Sheet but believe it will be better and more cost effective than requiring all players request a new ID Card for this season.

To recap:
1. Players and Team Officials will all have New Ontario Soccer ID numbers.
2. Existing valid ID Cards can still be used.
3. The ID Card Mobile App can still be used.
4. Enter the ID number for the valid ID Card (new or old) on the League Website when entering Players and Team Officials to appear on the game sheet. Include SEOS for New ID numbers. This will allow the ID Card Mobile App to pull up the Player and Team Official information.
5. The Official Team Roster from OSCAR will have all the New Ontario Soccer ID Numbers.

Posted April 4th, 2019

Process for Ontario Soccer ID Card and ID Number - April 4th, 2019.pdf

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