EODSA Updates on COVID -19
March 23, 2020

The EODSA has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation to ensure our membership is updated on any situations which will directly impact them from a soccer point of view. The EODSA is following Ottawa Public Health advisories and will inform our members of any relevant updates for Ottawa.
The EODSA has also been in close communication with Ontario Soccer as they are getting updates from Canada Soccer on this situation.
We have linked the Bulletins sent out by Ontario Soccer so far with their latest updates.
Links to further information and resources can be found in the attachments and below.
We will continue to keep the membership updated on this situation so that everyone is well informed as safety of our membership is a top priority.


Government of Canada Support Information:

Summary of Federal Economic Response Plan






Ontario Soccer COVID-19 Updates:



Ontario Soccer Bulletins:

I2020-009_-_Coronavirus - Jan 29th, 2020.pdf

A2020-003 - COVID19 - Mar 9th, 2020.pdf

I2020-021 - CS COVID19 Update - Mar 11th, 2020.pdf

I2020-023 - COVID19update - Mar 12th, 2020.pdf

I2020-024 - Temporary Shutdown - Mar 12th, 2020.pdf

A2020-004 - Canada Soccer COVID19 - Mar 13th, 2020.pdf

I2020-025 - Shutdown FAQ - Mar 16th, 2020.pdf

I2020-026 - Player Registration deadline extended - March 17th, 2020.pdf

I2020-027 - Discipline - Mar 19th, 2020.pdf

I2020-028 - match official clinics - March 20th, 2020.pdf

I2020-029 - PDP updates - March 20th, 2020.pdf

I2020-030 - Online Activities - March 20th, 2020.pdf

I2020-031 - FAQ 2 - March 23rd, 2020.pdf

A2020-007 - April 30 - March 24th, 2020.pdf

I2020-032 - Ontario Cup Deadline - March 25th, 2020.pdf

I2020-033 - Leadership Resources - March 26th, 2020.pdf

Membership Memo_COVID19_Operations - April 1st, 2020.pdf

I2020-034 - FAQ 3 - April 3rd, 2020.pdf

I2020-035 - Match Cfficial Accreditation v2 - April 3rd, 2020.pdf

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