EODSA Updates on COVID -19
February 16, 2021

The EODSA has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation to ensure our membership is updated on any situations which will directly impact them from a soccer point of view. The EODSA is following Ottawa Public Health advisories and will inform our members of any relevant updates for Ottawa.
The EODSA has also been in close communication with Ontario Soccer as they are getting updates from Canada Soccer on this situation.

Ontario Soccer has released Return to Play protocols that will allow Clubs to begin training and playing modified games within the Club.


Current Status Updated Feb 16th, 2021:

Health Unit

Ontario Government Zone

Ontario Soccer Phase

Ottawa Public Health Unit


Phase 2

Eastern Ontario Health Unit


Phase 2 

Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit


Phase 2

Renfrew County and District Health Unit


Phase 2


COVID-19 regional public health measures and restrictions


Status Updates:



 Feb 12th, 2021 Effective Feb 16th: Leeds, Grenville & Lanark will move to Green. Ottawa and Eastern Ontario will move to Orange.
Feb 8th, 2021 Effective Feb 10th: Renfrew County and District Health Unit will return to the Green Zone.
Effective Feb 16th: The other health units in EODSA will move from Grey to a Zone to be determined by Feb 16th.
Dec 21st, 2020 Effective Dec 26th: All in-person soccer activities are suspended until further notice.

Nov 12th, 2020

Eligible EODSA Clubs can Return to Phase 2 on Nov 12th, 2020 under the updated Return to Play Guide and Plan.

Oct 10th, 2020

EODSA Clubs in Ottawa must Return to Phase 1 on Oct 10th, 2020 for a 28 Day period until at least Nov 7th, 2020.

Sept 17th, 2020

Phase 2 enhancements for modified games against other Clubs can start as of Sept 17th, 2020.

July 17th, 2020

Eligible EODSA Clubs can enter Phase 2 as of July 17th, 2020.

June 11th, 2020

Eligible EODSA Clubs have entered Phase 1.

March 12th, 2020

Immediate suspension of all sanctioned soccer activities in the province until further notice.

Ontario Soccer Links:

Ontario Soccer requests that all member organizations ensure they know their Public Health Unit. 
Click here to find your Public Health Unit.
Member organizations are encouraged to stay in contact with their local Public Health Unit and Municipality in the event these authorities have implemented additional restrictions that may impact their soccer operations.

Ontario Soccer COVID-19 Updates:


Ontario Soccer Bulletins:

I2021-017 - Nine regions moving - Feb 26th, 2021.pdf (No EODSA Changes)

I2021-015 - Regions leaving lockdown - Feb 19th, 2021.pdf

I2021-013 - Regions leaving lockdown - Feb 12th, 2021.pdf

I2021-012 - Jumpstart - Feb 12th, 2021.pdf

I2021-009 - Outdoor 2021 - Feb 8th, 2021.pdf (Timelines for Return to Framework)

I2021-007 - Return to Play survey results - Feb 1st, 2021.pdf

I2021-006 - Ontario Futsal Cup Cancellation - Jan 29th, 2021.pdf

I2021-004 - State of Emergency - Jan 12th, 2021.pdf

I2021-002 - Northern shutdown extended - Jan 7th, 2021.pdf

I2020-133 - Lockdown (Effective Dec 26th) - Dec 21st, 2020.pdf (In-person soccer activities suspended)

I2020-132 - Ontario Indoor Cup 2021 - Dec 18th, 2020.pdf

I2020-130 - New Zones - EODSA Changes - (Effective Dec 14th) - Dec 11th, 2020.pdf

I2020-128 - New zones - No EODSA Change - Dec 4th, 2020.pdf

I2020-126 - Rowans Law Deferral - Dec 1st, 2020.pdf

I2020-125 - New zones - No EODSA Change - Nov 27th, 2020.pdf

I2020-124 - Liability Protection - Nov 25th, 2020.pdf

I2020-123 - FAQ 10 - Nov 24th, 2020.pdf

I2020-122 - Return to Play Updates - Nov 22nd, 2020.pdf

I2020-121 - Government Announcement new zones - Nov 20th, 2020.pdf

I2020-120 - Liability Protection - Nov 18th, 2020.pdf

I2020-119 - Government Announcement new zones - Nov 13th, 2020.pdf

I2020-118 - New RTP Guide - Nov 12th, 2020.pdf (Return to Phase 2 on Nov 12th with updated Guide)

A2020-021 - RTP Survey 2.0 - Nov 9th, 2020.pdf

I2020-116 - Government Announcement - New Public Health Framework - Nov 6th 2020.pdf

I2020-115 - Government Announcement - New Public Health Framework - Nov 3rd, 2020.pdf

I2020-113 - Liability Protection - Oct 20th, 2020.pdf

I2020-112 - Local PHU - Oct 20th, 2020.pdf

I2020-111 - Screening Protocols New - Oct 16th, 2020.pdf

I2020-110 - York Region and Spectator Restrictions - Oct 16th, 2020.pdf

I2020-108 - Return to Phase 1 - Ottawa - Oct 9th, 2020.pdf (Back to Phase 1 on Oct 10th for 28 Days until Nov 7th)

I2020-105 - Government Announcement new - Oct 2nd, 2020.pdf

I2020-102 - FAQ 9 - Sept 29th, 2020.pdf

I2020-101 - CTMS - Sept 28th, 2020.pdf

I2020-099_-_Gathering_limits - Sept 17th, 2020.pdf

I2020-097 - RTP updates - Sept 16th, 2020.pdf

I2020-096 - Hosting of Practical In-Person Community Workshop Training - Sept 15th, 2020.pdf

I2020-094 - Ontario Soccer Summit Postponed - Sept 12th, 2020.pdf

I2020-093 - Talent on Location and Provincial Screening - Sept 10th, 2020.pdf

I2020-092 - Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund - Sept 9th, 2020.pdf

I2020-091 - OPDL Update - Sept 4th, 2020.pdf

I2020-090 - FAQ 8 new - Sept 2nd, 2020.pdf

I2020-089 - Phase 2 Amendments - Sept 1st, 2020.pdf (Phase 2 Enhancements Effective Sept 17th, 2020)

I2020-086 - Recreational facilities Limits - August 14th, 2020.pdf

I2020-085 - Competition Reminder - Aug 11th, 2020.pdf

I2020-084 - Registration Reminder - August 11th, 2020.pdf

I2020-080 - FAQ 7 - July 28th, 2020.pdf

I2020-079 - OASL 2020 cancellation - July 24th, 2020.pdf

I2020-076 - Stage 3 Official Announcement - July 16th, 2020.pdf (Phase 2 Effective July 17th, 2020)

I2020-075 - Stage 3 initial announcement - July 13th, 2020.pdf

I2020-074 - Match Official Guideline Change - July 7th, 2020.pdf

A2020-016 - Ontario Cup Cancellation - July 6th, 2020.pdf

I2020-073 - FAQ 6 - July 6th, 2020.pdf

I2020-069 - Fields and Facilities - June 19th, 2020.pdf

I2020-068 - Webinars - June 18th, 2020.pdf

I2020-067 - Player registration - June 17th, 2020.pdf

I2020-064 - FAQ 5 - June 16th, 2020.pdf

A2020-015 - Return to Play - June 11th, 2020.pdf (Phase 1)

I2020-060 - Provincial Government Announcement - June 8th 2020

I2020-059 - CS RTP - June 5th, 2020.pdf

I2020-058 - York9 RTT - June 3rd, 2020.pdf

I2020-057 - Return to Play Planning and COVID-19 Update - May 29th, 2020.pdf

I2020-055- Community Courses - May 22nd, 2020.pdf

I2020-052- Ontario Cup Updates - May 15th, 2020.pdf

I2020-050- Recreational Outdoor fields - May 14th, 2020.pdf

I2020-049 - FAQ 4 - May 12th, 2020.pdf

A2020-014 - June Cancellation - May 11th, 2020.pdf

I2020-048 - Online C License - May 8th, 2020.pdf

I2020-047 - New Player Registration Deadlines - May 8th, 2020.pdf

A2020-013 - Amateur Sport Bulletin - May 8th, 2020.pdf

I2020-046 - High Performance Updates - May 5th, 2020.pdf

I2020-045 - MO FAQ on Clinics - May 5th, 2020.pdf

A2020-012 - Return To Play Survey - May 1st, 2020.pdf

I2020-044 - Match Official Clinic Student User Guide - May 1st, 2020.pdf

I2020-043 - C License Changes - April 30th, 2020.pdf

I2020-042 - MO Accreditation Clinics - April 29th, 2020.pdf

A2020-011 - Masters Provincials - April 24th, 2020.pdf

I2020-039 - Online Insurance Updated - April 22nd, 2020.pdf

I2020-038 - New deadlines for Registration and Ontario Cup - April 22nd, 2020.pdf

I2020-037 - SAAS Fees in 2020 - April 17th, 2020.pdf

I2020-036 - Online Insurance - April 16th, 2020.pdf

A2020-010 - Community Courses - April 13th, 2020.pdf

A2020-009 - Cancellation May - April 7th, 2020.pdf

I2020-035 - Match Official Accreditation v2 - April 3rd, 2020.pdf

I2020-034 - FAQ 3 - April 3rd, 2020.pdf

Membership Memo_COVID19_Operations - April 1st, 2020.pdf

I2020-033 - Leadership Resources - March 26th, 2020.pdf

I2020-032 - Ontario Cup Deadline - March 25th, 2020.pdf

A2020-007 - April 30 - March 24th, 2020.pdf

I2020-031 - FAQ 2 - March 23rd, 2020.pdf

I2020-030 - Online Activities - March 20th, 2020.pdf

I2020-029 - PDP updates - March 20th, 2020.pdf

I2020-028 - match official clinics - March 20th, 2020.pdf

I2020-027 - Discipline - Mar 19th, 2020.pdf

I2020-026 - Player Registration deadline extended - March 17th, 2020.pdf

I2020-025 - Shutdown FAQ - Mar 16th, 2020.pdf

A2020-004 - Canada Soccer COVID19 - Mar 13th, 2020.pdf

I2020-024 - Temporary Shutdown - Mar 12th, 2020.pdf

I2020-023 - COVID19update - Mar 12th, 2020.pdf

I2020-021 - CS COVID19 Update - Mar 11th, 2020.pdf

A2020-003 - COVID19 - Mar 9th, 2020.pdf

I2020-009_-_Coronavirus - Jan 29th, 2020.pdf